Workshop: The future of corruption studies, Cres, 28 September – 2 October 2022.

Conference: Informal practices in Southeast Europe – Examples and Analyses. Institute for the Recent History of Serbia (Institut za noviju istoriju Srbije/INIS), Belgrade, 10–11 April 2022


LMU München, Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchenau, 10. Februar 2021, Colloquium zur Osteuropäischen Geschichte
Vortrag: Wald, Gewalt und Geld. Das Haus Thurn und Taxis, kroatische Bauern und jugoslawische Politiker im Kampf um die Holzreserven Kroatiens, 1919–1941

ASEES virtual convention, Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchenau, 5-8 November 2021, Panel “Beyond Anti-Corruption Campaigns: The Social and Cultural History of Corruption in Late Socialism
Presentation: A Third Way into Twilight?: Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Socialist Yugoslavia

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DFG: Historical Subproject
Corruption in Serbia and Croatia in the “short” 20th century, 1914–1989

The word “balkanization”, which describes an atomization of a large entity into many smaller and mutually antagonistic parts, has become very popular in recent years.
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DFG: Business Subproject
Corruption in Serbia and Croatia since 1990

As the Berlin Wall came down and the fall of communism began in Eastern and Central Europe in 1990, Serbia and Croatia held their first multi-party elections.
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DFG: Linguistic Subproject
Framing Corruption

Not only with regard to Serbian and Croatian, but in general, no studies have dealt with either the conceptual history of informality or corruption or with the reconstruction of their historical semantics.
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Informality and corruption in Serbia 1817-1914

Every society is built on rules, both informal and formal ones. Modernity in this respect means a growing number of formal rules, which are imposed to regulate a society that becomes increasingly differentiated and anonymous.
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Marie Curie Individual Fellowship:
A Genealogy of Corruption

The transition from the Old Regime to modern European states in the 18th and 19th centuries entailed a transformation in the meaning of “corruption”.
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External Project:
The History and Development of Organized Crime in the Former SFR Yugoslavia in the Shadow of its Secret Services

This thesis examines the interrelationships between intelligence services and organized crime in socialist Yugoslavia and its successor states.
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